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Lactation Cookies

Milk-making treats for nursing mothers


Wegman’s Week is our push to get the higher ups at Wegmans to see the value of our product and hopefully – eventually – get them to add us to many of their stores around the country.

We are hoping to blitz the local store managers all within the span of the same week all-across the country.  Then Jen, our owner, will get in touch with Wegman’s corporate and hopefully be able to add credibility to her pitch when they hear that many local store managers were interested.

Wegman's Week

Does this sound like something you can do?

You feel like you’ve done something great for a small company!
Along with the materials we send you, you will get a coupon code for your next order for your efforts.
If your store orders from us at least once, you get a BIG coupon code for your next purchase.
We say thank you 4 million times!!!

How does it benefit you?

How can you help?

What is Wegman's Week?

Be willing to visit your local Wegman’s sometime the week of March 2nd-6th – hopefully with a pre-requested meeting with the store manager or buyer.  Department: Baby/Formula
Spend 10 minutes reviewing the information that we send to you that highlights exactly what we like stores to know about us.
Write or verbally share the benefits that you experienced from Bessie’s.
Present samples and paperwork during your visit.

Email to have your name and store added to the list.

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