PRICE:  $13 / dozen

Bessie's Lactation Cookies are based on a monster cookie-type bar with peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chips.  Active ingredients for milk production include brewer's yeast, flax seed and oats.  Every mother's body responds differently, but we recommend eating three a day for breakfast and adjust as necessary to meet your needs.

Shelf life is approximately three weeks.  They freeze really well to boot, so order in bulk to maximize your value!  You can order our Lactation Cookies here.

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PRICE:  $1 Increments

Bessie's gift certificates are the perfect present for any occasion - Birthdays, Christmas, and especially baby showers!  They come by the dollar; so, for example, if you wanted a $50 gift certificate, you would enter a quantity of 50 at checkout.  If you would like to purchase more than one, please enter the TOTAL value of all of the certificates for your quantity and then type what denominations you would like in the "Special Instructions" box.​  Certificates will be mailed to the shipping address you provide with the "To:" and "From:" fields blank.

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General Information

With the exception of the Blockbusters, all of our products are fundamentally gluten-free; however, the oats were processed in a facility that once contained gluten.  We are able to accommodate most special diets, including dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and vegan.  At this time, we are unable to accommodate for soy allergies.  No minimum amount is required to order vegan or dairy-free products; however, if you wish to customize in other ways, we do require orders to be in increments of 6 dozen (6, 12, 18, etc.).  All products are shipped in bulk unless otherwise specified, and packaging is always sustainable for the environment - everything is recyclable and we never use tiny packing peanuts for the safety of your little ones!  Except for the Lactation Cookie Sample Pack, shipping is a flat fee of $13.95 for all domestic (U.S.) orders (so be sure to order in larger quantities to get the best bang for your buck!)

PRICE:  $10 / loaf             SEASONAL - BACK IN OCTOBER!

Made with oat flour, Bessie's Best Lactation Pumpkin is one step up from our delicious cookies - with four galactagogues instead of three, it's sure to help kickstart your milk production!  Just like with our Lactation Cookies, the Pumpkin Bread freezes really well so order in bulk to get the best value.  Please note that this is a seasonal product and is only sold October through March.

When available, our Lactation Pumpkin Bread can be ordered through our online storefront here.

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Lactation Granola

PRICE:  $11 / dozen

Our Blockbusters are chocolate chip cookies that are sure to delight. Packed with lecithin, they are intended to clear and prevent clogged ducts that inhibit the natural flow of milk.  While these will NOT boost your milk supply like the majority of our products, they're meant to assist with clearing those blockages for optimal milk flow - which means pain relief for you and easier feeding for your baby!

We recommend eating six per day if your ducts are already clogged, or three per day to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Once you're ready to cut back, be sure to do so slowly to lower your chances of a relapse.

Order some Blockbusters and get to busting those blockages today!

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PRICE:  $32 / 3 pounds

Our Made-To-Order Lactation Granola starts with our basic lactation formula (oats, flax seeds, brewer's yeast), but we let you take it from there.  With over a dozen add-in options to choose from, you'll have no problems satisfying your sweet tooth, salt craving, etc.!

Four add-ins are included in the price, and up to two more can be added if desired for $3 each.  Order our MTO lactation granola here.

Nutritional information varies based upon your chosen ingredients.

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MTO Lactation Granola

PRICE:  $9 / pound

In addition to other delicious items, the active ingredients in our Lactation Granola include rolled oats, flax seed meal, raisins, coconut, pumpkin seeds, almonds, apricots and brewer's yeast - Which, incidentally, are all amazing at boosting your milk supply!

Granola is sold by the pound in a resealable bag - Equally perfect whether you're having a bowl with milk or going for a hike.  Order our Lactation Granola here.

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Lactation Cookies

PRICE:  $7.50 / 3 cookies (includes shipping!) 

Our Lactation Cookie Sample Pack contains three of Bessie's original Lactation Cookies.  This is meant to serve as a "taste test" for those who wish to try our cookies before making the decision to purchase in larger quantities.  They're a great, inexpensive way to test the waters before ordering more...and we're betting you'll love them!  Shipping is included in the price for ALL orders, domestic and international.

Try one of our Lactation Cookie Sample Packs by clicking here.

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Blockbuster Cookies

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