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Lactation Cookies

Milk-making treats for nursing mothers

Nurturing Expressions offers breastfeeding guidance through personal fittings, support groups, classes and in-home consultation.  Their boutique in Seattle, WA also sells our products!  Connect with them on FacebookInstagram & Pinterest.

Healthy Horizons empowers nursing moms with resources to care for themselves and their babies, with a focus on workplace lactation.  Bessie's products are sold in both of their California locations.  Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Crunchy on the Weekend is a blog written by Bessie's brand ambassador Dorian - a semi-crunchy breastfeeding mama.  Check out her review of our products and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Our Partners and Friends

Breastfeeding Mama Talk is a site centered around breastfeeding advocacy and support.  See their review of our lactation cookies and stay informed via their HUGE social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Moms Pump Here helps moms find, rate & share breastfeeding & pumping locations via their Android and iOS apps...and they also did a video review of our products.  Look them up on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram!

Once upon a time...

… there was a Mommy who was determined to breastfeed her children.  First she had a son and lacked education and support, but not determination!  She lasted only 11 weeks but even that seemed like an accomplishment because of her low supply.

Two years later, this mother was equally as determined but FAR more educated.  This time she went to support groups, nursed on demand and required the nurses at the hospital after the birth to support her breastfeeding goals.  Still struggling with low supply, she agonized weekly to her mommy-friends in her group and they suggested lactation cookies.

Luckily, this mommy had a two year old who liked to dump and mix and stir and bake.  So she made cookies for herself....and they worked!  Then she made some for her friends, and their friends, and their friends.  Suddenly, they were helping mothers across the country...and the world.  We ship to all 50 states, Canada and seven countries overseas (so far!)  The only feeling in the world better than successfully breastfeeding my baby is helping hundreds of mothers successfully breastfeed theirs.

-Jennifer Acuna, Owner and Founder

About Bessie's Best

Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies is a proud member of the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce.  See our listing here.

Yummycloud in Swansea, MA is another store selling our products, in addition to cloth diapers, iced dye clothing, holistic/alternative healing and offering breastfeeding support.  Follow them on Facebook.

Inova Fairfax Hospital Women's Boutique in VA offers support to breastfeeding mothers and infants, conveniently right in the hospital for new moms and babies.  Also convenient - You can buy our products there!  See them on Facebook and on Twitter.

Healthy Tipping Point is a healthy-living blog written by fellow nursing mama Caitlin Boyle.  She wrote a nice little review of our products here.  You can follow Caitlin on Facebook and Instagram.

Bessie's Best has been featured on ABC27's Good Day PA - Not once, but twice!  See the videos here and here, and also have a look at their Facebook page!

Nursing the original Bessie's baby, Nattie, who inspired me to start Bessie's best.

Bessie's Best - Buy lactation cookies and increase your milk supply

Nola Baby Co. is a mom-owned and operated natural parenting store in Bremerton, WA.  They carry cloth diapers, baby carriers, amber, toys...and our products!  Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Bessie's team.  These are the people that make our operation possible!

Mom's Milk Boutique in southern Illinois hosts many classes and events including storytime for kids, lactation/breastfeeding classes, how to use cloth diapers...and they stock Bessie's products to boot.  Follow the on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Bessie's Best - Fenugreek free breastfeeding supplements