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We offer delicious, fenugreek free breastfeeding supplements to support nursing mothers and help increase their milk supply.

A naturally supportive diet is among the safest and easiest ways to produce more milk for your baby, so whether your production is low or you just want to boost your milk supply, try our yummy lactation cookies, granola, or seasonal pumpkin bread today. Concerned about (or already suffering from) mastitis?  Our brand new Blockbuster cookies may be just the thing you need to feel relief and get back on track.  Take your pick and buy some lactation supplements today!

Why no fenugreek, you ask?

While it can be an effective galactagogue to boost your milk supply, fenugreek is also known to cause abdominal discomfort (for mommy AND baby!), nausea, sweat & urine odors, and is in the same family as peanuts with regards to allergies.  At Bessie’s Best, we believe that natural ingredients like brewer’s yeast, flax seed and oatmeal are the safest, healthiest (and tastiest!) ways to naturally increase your milk supply.  That’s why they’re the main galactagogues in our lactation cookies and other breastfeeding supplements.

A company is only as good as their customers' words.  Here's what ours have to say about us:

"Basically 8 oz!  Before I was only getting 2 oz  from each side!"  -Anonymous

"Wanna know how awesome Bessie’s Best is?! Yesterday, I pumped 3oz, today, got my order and ate some yummy cookies, waited a bit and then was able to pump 8oz in a 2 hour time frame!! Say YES to BESSIE’S BEST!!!!!!!"  -Brooke R.

"I have to say I have tried every single lactation cookie/bar recipe on the Internet but Bessie's Best truly are the BEST!!! Yummmm!!!"  -Anonymous

"This is the only thing that has worked for me...trying fenugreek, blessed thistle, you name it I tried it! And barely any change! I ordered these and that’s all I use and need!  -Jahaira C.

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Piqued your interest?  Read the Bessie’s Best story and discover why we do what we do.  Get a taste with our sample pack of lactation cookies, or browse our full range of products and start boosting your milk supply today!

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Good Day PA, November 2015

Bessie's Best​

Lactation Cookies

Milk-making treats for nursing mothers

"My supply immediately boosted and I haven't had to supplement...Your cookies are amazing, by far the best tasting ones I've had!"  -Anonymous

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"If I ever come across any mama with supply issues I’m recommending NOTHING BUT BESSIE’s. You and your team are awesome and WE appreciate you so much!"  -Ashley G.

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Bessie's Best - Fenugreek free breastfeeding supplements
Bessie's Best - Buy lactation cookies and increase your milk supply

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